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Being in charge is hard work!  We understand.

Large corporate division, medium-sized organization, small office, or your own household - each provide unique challenges to staying organized so that daily routines run efficiently and effectively.

Organized Chaos can help you succinctly organize information, ideas, or your space to contain the distractions and shift your focus to the things that matter most.

We serve both business and residential clients and offer a variety options to help you get and stay on track. Explore the Services section below to learn more about how we can help you meet your goals. 





Let us help bring your team together so that you can devise a plan to accomplish your goals. We handle the agenda, event planning, research & analysis, and meeting facilitation, so that you can help your team find ways to promote change and growth within the organization. Contact Organized Chaos today to take the first step in defining your group's future.


We understand that running a household is a full-time job. Coordinating family schedules, downsizing belongings, reorganizing your space, or planning for a relocation can turn your sanctuary into a complete nightmare.
Let us help you regain control so that you can peacefully enjoy your home once again.

Ready to get started? Contact us now to begin redefining your future.



Andrea Maticka is the very definition of an entrepreneur and consultant, I know very few people with her drive, zest for success and comprehensive knowledge of project management, relationship building and organizational affairs. Andrea brought a rare set of skills which was proven by her ability to evaluate the situation and act accordingly with little guidance or direction. Her aptitude to work efficiently was showcased through her ability to reference her strong education and professional experience. Before her arrival, the company was in distress organizationally. Andrea was able to filter, recommend and strategically position systems and applications in a way which made sense. Her professionalism was strong, but more importantly our team immediately grew to respect her, because of her sense of humor and ability to keep calm during challenging situations.

Simon F.


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